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Authentication Bypass
Learn how to defeat logins and other authentication mechanisms to allow you access to unpermitted areas.
Careers in Cyber
Learn about the different careers in cyber security.
Command Injection
Learn about a vulnerability allowing you to execute commands through a vulnerable app, and its remediations.
Content Discovery
Learn the various ways of discovering hidden or private content on a webserver that could lead to new vulnerabilities.
Cross-site Scripting
Learn how to detect and exploit XSS vulnerabilities, giving you control of other visitor's browsers.
Cyber Kill Chain
The Cyber Kill Chain framework is designed for identification and prevention of the network intrusions. You will learn what the adversaries need to do in order to achieve their goals.
DNS in detail
Learn how DNS works and how it helps you access internet services.
Diamond Model
Learn about the four core features of the Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis: adversary, infrastructure, capability, and victim.
Extending Your Network
Learn about some of the technologies used to extend networks out onto the Internet and the motivations for this.
File Inclusion
This room introduces file inclusion vulnerabilities, including Local File Inclusion (LFI), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), and directory traversal.
HTTP in detail
Learn about how you request content from a web server using the HTTP protocol
How websites work
To exploit a website, you first need to know how they are created.
Learn how to find and exploit IDOR vulnerabilities in a web application giving you access to data that you shouldn't have.
Intro to Cyber Threat Intel
Introducing cyber threat intelligence and related topics, such as relevant standards and frameworks.
Intro to Defensive Security
Introducing defensive security and related topics, such as threat intelligence, SOC, DFIR, and SIEM.
Intro to Digital Forensics
Learn about digital forensics and related processes and experiment with a practical example.
Intro to LAN
Learn about some of the technologies and designs that power private networks
Intro to Offensive Security
Hack your first website (legally in a safe environment) and experience an ethical hacker's job.
Junior Security Analyst Intro
Play through a day in the life of a Junior Security Analyst, their responsibilities and qualifications needed to land a role as an analyst.
Linux Fundamentals Part 1
Embark on the journey of learning the fundamentals of Linux. Learn to run some of the first essential commands on an interactive terminal.
Linux Fundamentals Part 2
Continue your learning Linux journey with part two. You will be learning how to log in to a Linux machine using SSH, how to advance your commands, file system interaction.
Linux Fundamentals Part 3
Power-up your Linux skills and get hands-on with some common utilities that you are likely to use day-to-day!
This room will discuss the various resources MITRE has made available for the cybersecurity community.
Network Security
Learn about network security, understand attack methodology, and practice hacking into a target server.
OSI Model
Learn about the fundamental networking framework that determines the various stages in which data is handled across a network
Operating System Security
This room introduces users to operating system security and demonstrates SSH authentication on Linux.
Packets & Frames
Understand how data is divided into smaller pieces and transmitted across a network to another device
Pentesting Fundamentals
Learn the important ethics and methodologies behind every pentest.
Principles of Security
Learn the principles of information security that secures data and protects systems from abuse
Putting it all together
Learn how all the individual components of the web work together to bring you access to your favourite web sites.
Pyramid Of Pain
Learn what is the Pyramid of Pain and how to utilize this model to determine the level of difficulty it will cause for an adversary to change the indicators associated with them, and their campaign.
SQL Injection
Learn how to detect and exploit SQL Injection vulnerabilities
Learn how to exploit Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerabilities, allowing you to access internal server resources.
Security Operations
Learn about Security Operations Center (SOC): its responsibilities, services, and data sources.
Subdomain Enumeration
Learn the various ways of discovering subdomains to expand your attack surface of a target.
Threat Intelligence Tools
Explore different OSINT tools used to conduct security threat assessments and investigations.
Unified Kill Chain
The Unified Kill Chain is a framework which establishes the phases of an attack, and a means of identifying and mitigating risk to IT assets.
Walking An Application
Manually review a web application for security issues using only your browsers developer tools. Hacking with just your browser, no tools or scripts.
Web Application Security
Learn about web applications and explore some of their common security issues.
What is Networking?
Begin learning the fundamentals of computer networking in this bite-sized and interactive module.
Windows Fundamentals 1
In part 1 of the Windows Fundamentals module, we'll start our journey learning about the Windows desktop, the NTFS file system, UAC, the Control Panel, and more..
Windows Fundamentals 2
In part 2 of the Windows Fundamentals module, discover more about System Configuration, UAC Settings, Resource Monitoring, the Windows Registry and more..
Windows Fundamentals 3
In part 3 of the Windows Fundamentals module, learn about the built-in Microsoft tools that help keep the device secure, such as Windows Updates, Windows Security, BitLocker, and more...
Learn the applications and language that is Yara for everything threat intelligence, forensics, and threat hunting!